CaryO is a Colombian company fomenting sustainably and responsibly harvested cacay. We help support 150 peasant familie throughout the State of Meta in places with post-conflict problems. The purchase of the Cacay crop at fair prices generates additional income for families who have decided to protect these trees.

When you buy CaryO oil, 10% of all profits will go to the Foundation Land Life Future (LLF) www.landlifefuture.org a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the biodiversity of Colombia and the promotion and sustainable use of Colombian nature in general.

We are a 4th generation family business which is part of a group of companies working in Colombia for over 80 years. Our story starts when Samuel Straus immigrated from Germany to Colombia and founded Juval in 1938 and when Jorge Bueno and Josefina Azuero, descendants of immigrants from the Iberian Peninsula purchased a farm in the state of Meta in 1979. Today, the families continue a tradition of diversification and innovation bringing CaryO cacay oil to you.

Why the CaryO project so important to us?

We have an obligation and our companies have a commitment to help reduce CO2 emissions and help mitigate climate change. To achieve this goals, CaryO, in partnership with to the Foundation Land Life Future (LLF) www.landlifefutre.org is providing economic opportunities to over 150 families, helping in the preservation of virgin land, in the restoration of native species and in the preservation of biodiversity in general.

100% Natural Cacay oil

CaryO cacay oil is organic, fair traded, sustainably and responsibly harvested in the Meta and Amazon states of Colombia from the Caryodendron Orinocense nut. The oil is extracted by cold press from the cacay tree nuts ensuring the preservation of its natural nutrients. With more Retinol than rosehip oil CaryO reduces wrinkles and produces more collagen. With more Vitamin E and Omega 6 than Argan oil CaryO protects and replenishes hydration of the skin and can reduce inflammation.